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November 12, 2013 at 8:26pm
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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Defender of the Constitution →

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Feds fail to provide autopsy photos or medical records in discovery to Tsarnaev defence team -

'U.S. Attorney’s Office has not turned over copies of the more than 260 bombing victims’ medical records to the defense or autopsy photos of the three spectators killed by the explosion'

— http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/local_coverage/2013/11/feds_push_for_tsarnaev_trial_a_year_from_now

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Is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev getting fair trial? Judge sympathetic to concerns….about whether the defendant is getting due process.

— http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/USA-Update/2013/1112/Is-Dzhokhar-Tsarnaev-getting-fair-trial-Judge-sympathetic-to-concerns

October 18, 2013 at 6:22pm
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I’m David Abel, a veteran Boston Globe reporter who was on the finish line six months ago at the Boston Marathon. AMA (self.IAmA)

Comment: ‘But as a journalist, is it also your responsibility to question the “official story”? Where we’ve seen so many aspects of the FBI’s version of events come to light as being untrue, how do you fulfill that responsibility to the public?

Boston Bombing disinformation as told by the FBI:

  • They robbed a convenience store

  • They drove to multiple ATMs to rob “Danny”

  • The brothers shot multiple officers in a shootout with police

  • They threw pressure cooker bombs at police

  • They had an arsenal which included automatic weapons

  • police tackled tamerlan but dzokar ran him over and killed him

  • Tamerlan was wearing an explosive vest

  • Dzokar shot at police officers from a boat

  • Dzokar attempted to hill himself by shooting himself in the throat

  • Dzokar wrote a manifesto in the boat admitting guilt, which is admissible in court, whereas his pre-marandizement admission is not.

Additional information which may call the official story into question:

  • Todashev being murdered by an FBI team in florida right after “admitting he and Tamerlan brutally murdered 3 people in 2011”

  • Uncle Ruslan’s intimate CIA ties

  • Tamerlan’s being allowed to travel internationally with “fake documents” while under investigation by the FBI.

Clearly the trial has not concluded yet, and there is a lot of evidence being held back from the Defense. Do you believe that the articles you’ve written are clear that the accused have not yet been determined to be guilty of crimes they’re being charged with?

edit: from your linked “timeline”

Acts of bravery were woven into the week’s fabric, from the carjacking victim who escaped from the terrorists when they stopped for gas to the Watertown police officer who faced off with Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a gunfight in the dead of night on Laurel Street, shooting at him from 12 feet away and then tackling him to the ground.

is it responsible (or entirely legal for that matter) to definitively refer to these two as “terrorists” when the public has not been given proof of their guilt, nor has it been established in a court of law?’


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I’m David Abel, a veteran Boston Globe reporter who was on the finish line six months ago at the Boston Marathon. AMA (self.IAmA)


Comment: “Will the Boston Globe be reporting on Syrian Drug Boss Sammy Madarati and his buddy, disgraced Watertown Police Officer Roberto Velasquez-Johnson? Many believe Velasquez-Johnson’s labeling them as “rats” directly led to the deaths of Erik Weissman, Brendan Mess and Rafael Teken 3 days after they were all indicted on federal money laundering charges. The younger Tsarnaev brother was a small-time dealer for this network that was under ICE and DHS surveillance (wiretaps and pole cameras) since 2011.”

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'this could never be accepted from a kid that always had this positive vibe'

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Jahar’s friend - ‘he was a walking angel’

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It’s curious how in the Fox news piece the FBI are now saying they had no ID on Tamerlan Tsarnaev until they fingerprinted him after he was shot dead. That just can’t be true - lots of people said they rang the FBI and ID’d Dzhokhar soon as pics were released. They already had Tamerlan on file which they already admitted to interviewing him in 2011. Is their massive NSA data system so crap they can’t link 2 brothers together?

One of the most awful things I read was the report from the resident who saw the shoot out and Tamerlan’s death and said the policeman who was standing on Tamerlan came to his verandah and told him all the gruesome things he said to Tamerlan when he was dying. 

It is really obvious I think that Tamerlan ran forward towards the police in an effort to protect his brother.

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Boston Librarian reports disillusionment when censors won and stopped Tsarnaev Rolling Stone issue from being shelved

Times when the censors win:
I work in a library outside Boston. Over the summer, a lot of people in this area got really angry when Rolling Stone put the Marathon bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev, on the cover. A lot of stores didn’t carry the issue on their shelves, people canceled their subscriptions, ect. Any personal feelings aside, I knew the library would have it on our shelves. I never actually saw it on the shelf, but I figured someone outside the library must have stolen it.

Turns out one of my coworkers, someone I like and respect and has decades of seniority over me, had been cataloging magazines when it arrived. She was offended by the cover and didn’t want it on the library’s shelves, so she just didn’t put it out. She casually mentioned it to us earlier this week after somebody had come in looking for information for a school paper on the bombing.

I feel like my happy little “access for everyone, yay!!!” bubble has been burst. I’ve always been proud of how open my library is. I’ve been drilled on privacy and watched my boss deal with complaints and attempts at getting materials pulled. So to have this one person decide that we won’t carry it because she doesn’t like it feels like a rude awakening into the real world.

So basically, I’m looking for people to share in my disappointment. Tell me stories of times the censors won in your library. Big wins and little wins. I just want company in my disillusionment.